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Who Am I?

Amanda Telò

Social Media Specialist and Designer | Bachelor’s degree in Communication

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And in my spare time I write.

I wrote a book! 🙌

Check out my book!

🇧🇷 From Maringá

🇬🇧 Based in Liverpool

3 years and counting…

I love travelling and living new experiences (and writing about them!)

This an invite to reflect on love and to seek answers to the big question,

Where Do We Learn to Love?

A collection of short stories and photos

By me, Amanda Telò

Paperback, Hardback, and Kindle formats are available (:

🔍 The book is also available for purchase in several countries on Amazon. To check availability, search for Amanda Oliveira-Telò or “Where do we learn to love?” on Amazon in your country or send an email to and I will send you the link if it’s available.


Templates & prints

To help others express their creativity and make their work stand out!

And other personal projects, such as:

Stories that only exist when told

A collection of video stories from my grandparents.

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